Pieter Breughel the Elder part 1

the first paintings are done by Pieter Breughel the Elder (1525 –1569). This one is called Icaros Fall. The thing i love about this painting is that it seems to have nothing to do with the sun but looks deceive. It has everything to do with the sun. The title of the work is Icarus falling and if you look closely you”ll realise what you probably didnt see the first time or at the very least didn’t understand without the title: there is a leg sticking out of the water! The strange thing about the painting is that noone in the painting seems to notice this unusual event or if they do they choose to ignore it. The painting is supposed to be a bit of a visual riddle. Icaros son of inventor Daedalos flew too close to the sun which caused the wax that hold his wings to melt and it ended in a splashing water ballet according to Breughel :). This type of painting pleased many people. It was visually attractive to to begin with. Some people may have thought it was funny someone had fallen in the water and the educated people of the time could feel smug that they knew who Icaros was and that the painting was a warning for hybris.

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