solar eclipse 2015 part 1

I thought I would share some images of solar eclipses in the past since we didn’t actually see anything of the solar eclipse of 2015 because of the weather.

Traditionally solar eclipses were not considered a good sign because it seemed to mess with the order with used to. There have been myths trying to explain the cause of the eclipses. Some of them are a bit funny to us now. Like the sun and the moon are fighting or a bear or a celestial chinese dragon eating the sun. Ofcourse when you dont know why an eclipse occors it can be quite frightening. Later people became better at predicting when an eclips occurs but there are still people believing that a solar eclipse means bad luck.

solar eclipse 3

This engraving by Boetius Adamsz. Bolswert (1590 – 1624) is called Child and Angel at Solar Eclipse. This illustrates perfectly how solar eclipses are thought of as disharmonious.

solar eclipse 4

This is a allegory of a solar eclipse in Stockholm 1535 by Lucas van Leiden (1596-1600).

Allegory means that you depict something abstract like a person.

The interesting thing is that the artist depicts an event that happend more than 50 years before his birth. He most likely based his work on a pucture depicting the event in Stockholm and gave it his own twist. That was a very common practice; no worries about copyright back than 🙂. The painter also wrote alot of quotes from the bible on his work. He treated his painting a bit like a Facebookwall avant la lettre with all this copy/pasting 🙂

solar eclipse 5

zonsverduistering van 12 augustus 1654 -anoniem.

This engraving I like because it shows that people even back than came up with ideas to watch the solar eclipse safely. You see some of the people try to see it through the reflection of water or a mirror or through their hands.

solar eclipse 7

Solar Eclipse at Christ’s Death by Jan Luyken (1700)

This engraving depicts the solar eclipse that supposedly took place during the cruxification of Jesus Christ.


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