Vincent van Gogh – sunny buildings

Vincent van Gogh was one of those painters that didnt mind to paint the same thing over and over again. In fact he’s very known to have periods where he would be obsessed to paint the same place or topic over and over again. His most famous topic was probably his sun flowers. During his painting carreer he was consistent in his love for the sun and the moon. No wonder that he preferred sunny France over rainy Holland. Even this windmill that seems Dutch is in fact a French windmill called Moulin de Galette. He even painted that one several times from different angles.

Vincent 29Vincent 30

vincent 2 vincent van gogh 1

These pictures of thatched cottages in the sunshine reminisence of the North show how Vincent liked to paint the same thing but make small difference in style and color while leaving the composition the same. He liked to paint rural areas in general.

Vincent 43Vincent 45

Vincent 55vincent 79Vincent 70Vincent 73

He also painted urban paintings. Here he painted the outskirts of Paris, Monmartre, the entrance of a Belvedere in Paris and the view from a window of his apartment in Paris:

Vincent 44 Vincent 54Vincent 56Vincent 69

vincent 4

This painting of an Old Tower in the Fields shows a very different side of Vincent. It looks much smoother than the other painting and its primarily red instead of the yellow, blue or green that he used more often.

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