Vincent van Gogh – sunny fields

Vincent van Gogh painted dozens of paintings of wheat fields as well. Most of them he painted in France. He even painted them in Arles when he was a patient in an asylum.  Many of the paintings are gloomy and grey but some are sunny and cheerful.

Vincent van Gogh wrote letters to his brother Theo van Gogh and he did wrote about this place which he called the enclosed field because there was a wall around it. It was close to the asylum where he stayed.

vincent 17   Sierra Exif JPEG       vincent 16vincent 14Vincent 78

He wrote to his brother:

“Through the iron-barred window I see a square field of wheat in an enclosure, a perspective like Van Goyen, above which I see the morning sun rising in all its glory.”

This painting Sunset: Wheat Fields Near Arles is also painted in the year he lived at the aylum. He wrote about this painting:

“A summer sun… town purple, celestial body yellow, sky green-blue. The wheat has all the hues of old gold, copper, green-gold or red-gold, yellow gold, yellow bronze, red-green.”

vincent 18

when he painted this painting it was so windy that he actually had to drive his easle in the ground and secure the canvas to to the easle so that it wouldn’t be blown away!

All in all these paintings look quite cheerful but Vincent who was depressed couldnt always feel the benefits of his beautiful surroundings. He described working on the series of wheat fields that month as:

“…landscapes, yellow—old gold—done quickly, quickly, quickly, and in a hurry just like the harvester who is silent under the blazing sun, intent only on the reaping.

Vincent 32

He also painted churches like this Church of Saint Paul Mausole with a field in the foreground and the sun behind it. It illustrates the importance of the church for the farmers at the time perfectly.

My favorite painting of van Gogh of a field has to be this one though, because it represents my home country Holland and the beautiful flowerfields we have there:

Vincent 26

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