Philip the Handsome – heir of Burgundy

So who did inherit Mary of Burgundies many territories if not Maximilian I of Austria? Her son Philip the Handsome. Philip was only 3 (!) when he inherited his mom’s territories so his dad acted as his regent until he was old enough to rule himself. The next decade some of the territories tried to rebel against them because they were hoping to gain more independence but, Maximilian I was able to gain control back even though they managed to keep Philip the Handsome hostage. There were 2 big revolts, one in 1485 when they took Philip the Handsome hostage, and one in 1488 when imprisoned Maximilian I himself, but he managed to get out by swearing an oath that he broke immediately after. Maximilian’s I’s dad Frederik III mobilized 20.000 men and even the pope helped him by excommunicating the rebels.  In 1492 the resistance was broken because the Habsburg side  was aided by the English and the Germans and the French had stopped helping the rebels because they had more important business in Naples. The Treaty of Senlis in 1493 with the French king Charles VIII settled the matter and Philip the Handsome started to rule his territories himself in 1494 at the age of 16. Philip’s mom had passed away, his sister grew up with the French and his dad was usually in Austria. No wonder that Philip was quite independent when he finally got the power at age 16. He disagreed with his dad on the French king. He did not want a war, because his realms needed the trade with the French.

Philip the Handsome with a falcon.

Philip the Handsome with a falcon. Netherlandish Master of the Legend of Mary Magdalene (fl. 1480-1537) — Portrait of Philip the Handsome : Musée de la chasse et de la nature, Paris. France (629×1000)

goedenavond vrienden, Hilde


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