Charles VIII died childless after 7 years of bad luck

Charles VIII died without a heir even though his wife Anne of Brittany gave birth to 4 kids (she also had 3 miscarriages) in 7 years. They all predeceased him. We do have Charles VIII Book of Hours just like we have the Book of Hours of Anne of Brittany Even his have a lot of references to children.

Mary with baby Jesus.

Mary with baby Jesus.

The lamentation of Christ.

The lamentation of Christ.

Charles VIII died in 1498 after he hit his head to the lintel of a door. He fell into a sudden coma and died 9 hours later. Since he died without children you would’ve thought that Anne of Brittany was no free to marry whoever she wanted but no. Her marriage contract stated that if she and Charles should fail to produce a heir to the throne Anne should marry the heir of the French throne:  in this case Charles VIII cousin Louis XII. There was only one small issue; Louis XII was already married to Joan of France the sister of Charles VIII for 24 years. How would Louis XII solve this problem?

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2 thoughts on “Charles VIII died childless after 7 years of bad luck

  1. Can you believe that?! That has always gotten me. Joan of France should have not been allowed to be divorced. Screw, Anne of Brittany. She had her chance with Charles the Eight and she should have either remained Dowager Queen of France, like Catherine di Medici or gone back to Brittany to continue being Brittany’s Duchess. Also Anne of Brittany was cruel to Juana of Castile, when Juana of Castile had to travel through France on her way to Castile in 1503 to attend the Cortes of Castile and Aragon to be acknowleged as the heiress of Castile and Aragon.


    • I kinda like Anne of Brittany for her passion but I also like Juana because she was a bit different from the rest of the family and also the most tolerant when it came to religion.


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