things to see: Grisoni’s the rape of proserpina

One painting I wanna show you is Grisoni’s painting of the rape of Proserpina. It’s about the forceful abduction of Proserpina (Persephone) by Pluto (Hades). We were very lucky to see it because it was restored only a couple of years ago. When they found the painting before the restoration it was so molded they didn’t even know what was under it. They started to realize what it could be when they started to restore the  Niobe Room in the Uffizi and wondered where Grisoni’s the rape of Proserpina was that had always accompanied the statues since they were on display in the Uffizi. The painting had been lost for more than a 100 years. When they realized they had found the right painting they could raise enough funds to restore both the painting, the room it would be in and the Niobe statues. They were able to restore the room back to it’s original design in 1780. It took a team of 11 restorers and 6000 man-hours to restore it. It took them 2 years to do this. The painting is also really big it 6m x 4m.  It was the Friends of the Uffizi that raised the necessary funds to do all this.

It is quite amazing how well they are able to restore paintings.

uffizi 101

the rape of prosperina showing restoration.


uffizi 94

The rape of Proserpina with 2 Niobe statues

Without the big painting the room would feel unbalanced and be less interesting to look at with just a bunch of plain white statues. You can tell that someone really designed the two to go together.

Buonasera amici miei,



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