Niobe Fresco

I just discovered this really old fresco telling the story of how Niobe’s children got attacked by Apollo and Diane after she insulted their mother Leto.(How that happened you can read here: niobe

Its from 1th century CE from Pompeii. Nowadays it is in a museum in Naples, Italy.

niobe 27

It is not so easy to see at all that Apollo is one of the killers. Actually, we only see a leg of him! (Its the one leg all the way up).

niobe 22

So how do we know that Apollo was one of the killers at all? People at that time would have known it because of other clues in the fresco.

for example people fleeing for arrows.

The spotted hind with the tetra-style temple is a very clear symbol for Diane, Apollo’s twin sister, goddess of the hunt.

niobe 21

These two people I’m not really sure about but the man holds something called a cornucopia or a Horn of Plenty. Someone suggested it might be a river god with a nymph, but it could also be Zeus, because he sometimes had a cornucopia and he was the dad of Apollo and Diane.

niobe 25

Even though it’s hard to interpret art like this because it was made in a completely different time I think it’s still pretty cool to see such an old building (more than 2000 years old) telling the story of Niobe’s children.

Bonam noctem mea amici, Hilde


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