Claude of France was born

In 1499 Louis XII was 37 while Anne of Brittany was only 22. Considering the big age different between Louis XII and Anne of Brittany they started off their marriage remarkably well. Louis XII got Anne pregnant in the month after their marriage  so they must’ve had fairly good chemistry between them :).


After all that Anne had been through with all her miscarriages and children that died as infants she must have been both terrified and hopeful. They probably both hoped for a baby boy because France required a male heir, but the main priority was the child’s health.

It seems that Louis XII was just as exited as Anne because we see some clues that reveal a child wish in his Book of Hours that were made just before Claude was born.

Book of Hours 37

Louis XII on his throne with archangel michael, Book of Hours of Louis XII, 1498-1499.

claude 3

Louis XII praying on his knees surrounded by St Michel, Charlemagne, St Louis and St Denis from the Book of Hours of Louis XII 1498-1499.

claude 4

The Annunciation, The Book of Hours of Louis XII, 1498-1499.

Claude of France was born October 13 1499 10 months and 1 week after her parents marriage.


It is fun to read that for once things worked out for Anne of Brittany.

Bonsoir mes amis, Hilde



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