Charles V birth

The year 1500 was a most dramatic year for both the Habsburgers and the Trastamarans. It all started with John of Spain and the baby daughter he had with Margaret of Austria dying in 1497. Than his sister Isabella that would be next in line for the throne also died while she gave birth to her first child. The son she gave birth to was then the next in line for the throne but than he also died in 1500.

Since John of Spain and Isabella of Aragon and their offspring all died Joanna was all of a sudden the next in line for the thrones of her parents. This was quite an unexpected an undesirable situation because many people viewed the princess as unstable due to mental issues. She had given birth to her first daughter Eleanore of Austria in 1498. Now she was pregnant again and, because of the new developments it was even more important that it would be a son this time so that they would have a male heir. Philip and Joanne invited Philip’s sister Margaret of Austria to come over to Flanders to become the godmother of their next child. since Margaret of Austria had lost her husband and daughter there wasn’t really anything keeping her in Spain anymore so she did.

Joan the mad 42

Wings of the Last Judgement triptych, Flanders, ca 1500, Master of Afflighem, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.

In February  a son (!), Charles V,  was born in Ghent.Everyone was delighted that it was a boy this time so they showered the boy and his parents with lavish gifts. The board of aldermen of Ghent gave him a silver ship of 25  kilo. grandpa Maximilian I of Austria made him duke of Luxembourg. Charles I de Croy, Prince of Chimay gave him a silver helmet. The city Bergen-op-Zoom gifts him a gilded sword. Margaret of Euvreux gives him a golden mug with precious stones. Aunt Margaret of Austria shows up with a golden bowl with pearls. The Flemish clergy gave him an exclusively custom-made gospel book. Three times gold and silver coins are thrown at the crowd that came to see the new prince. The first time by Philip the Handsome. The second time by the Council of Ghent and the third time by a rich textile baron who on top of that offered a golden cup of great value to the young prince.  The birth is celebrated with lots of festivities as well.

But after the partying came business. Joanne and Philip were requested to come over to Spain to sort out the situation with the throne but since Charles V was just born they didn’t go immediately because traveling at that time took much longer and was much more difficult. They couldn’t travel with infant children and they wouldn’t leave them behind for months at such young age. The French king sends a diplomat to invite Philip and Joanna to visit the French court on their way to Spain. The king will be most delighted to have them as his personal guests. He does this no doubt because he realizes that Philip and Joanna all of a sudden became much more influential because of the recent family tragedies in Joanna’s family. This would have been an extra reason for the Spanish to try and urge Philip and Joanna to visit as soon as possible since they really didn’t trust the French king.

charles V 2

Tribute to Charles V by Albrecht de Vriendt, 1886.

Joanna of Castile was a yummymummy btw. This is her the same year she gave birth to her second child and got pregnant again. This also meant they had to delay their trip to Spain even longer.

Joan the MAd 41

Joanna of Castile, Juan de Flandes, 1500.


goedenavond vrienden, Hilde


8 thoughts on “Charles V birth

  1. Yes, Juana of Castile did have six children in nine years. Philip of Flanders and Juana of Castile’s marriage really was screwed up and not necessarily because Juana was in love with Philip. Just because they were sexually attractive to each other did not necessarily mean that they loved each other. It just made it easier to go to bed and have sex to have children and Juana of Castile knew exactly who and what she was. The daughter of Isabella of Catile and Ferdinand of Aragon, a Trastamara. I am sure she was struck dumb when she found out she became the heiress to her mother because she knew exactly what an ambitous and grasping man her husband was, which was unreal as to how much he was so. He was so, so cruel to Juana. As you say, she was isolated. She was not lucky but because she knew who she was, she did not care to make friends. The only reason why Isabella of Castile succeeded in becoming Queen of Castile was because she had Carillo, Archbishop of Tolodeo in her back pocket but when Juana came to Castile with Philip and after he died, the Archbishop of Toledo was Ximenes who was nuts. He refused the Archbishopric twice but Isabella insisted. He was Archbishop of Toledo and he slepts on the floor and also ate on the floor. Isabella had to appeal to the Borgia Pope to tell him to tell the Archbishop of Toledo that he had to sleep in the bed and that he had a certain dignity to maintain. This guy did not like Juana of Castile because he knew that she was not religious enough. Well how could a person be religious having spent nine years in God Forshaken Flanders being the wife of a pig, if you know what I mean. I do not mean to be rude but it is it not so. By the way, Hilde, I love this site. You are awesome. Right up my ally. Thank you.


    • aaw that’s really Catalina thank you. It’s hard to find people online that like history and I tend to write more about the women than the men which unfortunately means even less people care for it, but I continue anyway. I think their stories are just as interesting if not more interesting than the stories of kings and knights.


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