happy easter everyone!

Hi everyone I just wanted to wish my readers a happy easter :). I visited my boyfriend’s family and it was fun to see them and nice with a break from work. Tomorrow we go back and then I have one more day off before I start working at Gamla Linköping, the open-air museum where I work as a museum hostess.

I had the time to read some Dutch books and did some research on Catherine of Aragon and her marriages. I also found this funny bunny dressed as Catherine of Aragon on etsy in the store  animalfolk .

Catherine of Aragon 2

Enjoy your  weekend! Hilde



2 thoughts on “happy easter everyone!

  1. Happy Easter, Hilde. I am not Christian but you did extend greetings to me and therefore in respect of you and the great joy you send me with your articles in one of the time periods of Castilian and Aragonese history, I return the greeting. Take care of yourself. And I want you to know that you know how to write and keep up the good work. Whenever an article of yours comes into my e-mail, I read it with great joy and anticipation.

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    • Aaw thank you Catalina! It’s so nice to have supportive women like you among my readers. Yes I hope that everyone will have a nice easter regardless of their faith. I belief that the beginning of spring has always been a reason for people to be happy and a sign that things would improve (the weather and the food supplies). The Celts had Imbolc, the Greeks had Anthesterion, Hindu’s have the Holi Festival, Jews have Pesach and there are probably many more that I’m forgetting or haven’t even heard of :).


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