Philip the handsome got the measles

In February 1502 Philip and Joanna finally arrived in Spain to meet Joanna’s parents. They first watched a bull-fight in Burgos where they are welcomed by the constable of Castile. Joanna seems in a much happier mood now that she is back in her home country. They arrive in Toledo by the end of April. This took actually quite long, because Philip had decided to go and hunt in Madrid first. Now they were finally near Toledo and the Spanish were ready with triumph arches and everything to welcome daughter Joanna and Philip but than a page comes and explains that their have been problems and Joanna and Philips are still in the village of Olias, because Philip got the measles. Ferdinand wants to see for himself what is happening and comes by horse to see for himself. He meets Philip and sees that he is indeed in bed with a fever. 1 week later on 7 may Philip is fit enough to ride to Toledo where he meets his mother-in-law where she apparently gives him tongue kiss  (eew) and have all the Flemish kiss her hand. Joanna gets a hug from mom and dad. They dine together. They are preparing for the ceremonies where Joanna, Philip and her children will be recognized as the legitimate heirs of the Spanish throne. But there are some issues; the Flemish nobility that has followed Philip aren’t keen to see Philip become the new king of Spain, because this would weaken the influence they have over him. The Spanish are probably not all that fond of Philip, because of the way he treats Joanna, but since they have a son together they are prepared to go trough with it so that their grandson Charles V eventually can rule Spain. It was going to be a long summer.

tener un gran día mis amigos, Hilde

3 thoughts on “Philip the handsome got the measles

  1. Are Philip and Joanna the parents of Charles, who was betrothed to Claude of France in 1501? The betrothal was later annulled when Louis XII insisted on marrying his daughter Claude to Francis of Angouleme, later Francis I of France. This was the cause of the biggest argument of Anne of Brittany and Louis XII’s happy marriage, as Anne wanted her daughter to marry Charles of Austria, but Louis insisted that with no male heirs to show for their marriage, they must marry daughter Claude to Francis, the heir apparent, in order to continue their own bloodline on the throne of France.

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    • You’re absolutely right Rozsa that are the parents of Charles V (Charles the Great) who was engaged with Claude of France. I will later reveal why and how she ended up with Francis instead.


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