Ferdinand born on grandpa’s b-day

The 10th of May 1503 Joanna gave birth to a healthy baby boy despite the difficult time she had before, being stuck in Spain and separated from her husband and father of her 4 children. The 10th of May happened to be her father’s birthday as well and that may be one of the reasons that the child was named after his maternal grandfather Ferdinand II of Aragon. His father was in France during his birth and was informed of his son’s birth a couple of days later.

Ferdinand was the favorite grandson of grandfather Ferdinand. Not surprising since Ferdinand and Isabella barely had any contact with the oldest three grandchildren. Grandfather Ferdinand wanted his grandson Ferdinand to take over his kingdom after his death, but he failed to put that in his will.

Ferdinand I 1

Ferdinand as a child

charles V 3

Ferdinand’s older siblings Eleonore, charles V and Isabella

Ferdinand’s older siblings  Eleonore of Austria, Charles V and Isabella of Austria all grew up in Flanders, but Ferdinand was born in Spain and his grandparents had every intention to keep him in Spain to raise him as a Spanish prince with the Spanish language, values and customs. He had a confessor and he was educated in the same way his mom and her siblings were educated. He didn’t learn Dutch or German as a child.

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2 thoughts on “Ferdinand born on grandpa’s b-day

  1. This is an excellent picture of Ferdinand. I have seen the picture of when Eleanor and Charles and Isabella were little before but never this picture of Ferdinand. I know he saw his brother Charles throughout his life but I wonder if he saw his mother, Queen Juana or his sisters, Eleanor and Isabella and Mary and Catalina. Catalina was raised up by Queen Juana but not Ferdinand as you say, he was raised up by Isabella and Ferdinand. Well more Ferdinand than Isabella as he was born in 1503, I believe and Queen Isabella died in November of 1504. Interesting how Queen Isabella of Castile and her granddaughter, Queen Mary the First of England both died in November and it is also interesting that Queen Mary the First of England succeeded Queen Juana as Queen of Spain. I was always happy that Queen Mary the First of England was also Queen of Spain.


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