Negotiating Naples

Philip the Handsome visited Lois XII and his wife Anne of Brittany in Lyon, after learning that he had become a father for the fourth time. In lyon it is not only pleasant things to discuss. There is a war going on between France and Germany and Spain is involved as well. Ferdinand and Louis are fighting over Naples. Philip has certain letters with him that authorize him to negotiate on behalf of Spain and negotiate peace with France. Louis and Philip always got along well, so they hammer out a deal where Louis gives up Naples to Philips son Charles V, instead of Ferdinand. This makes sense, because Charles V is betrothed with his daughter Claude of France. It may seem an elegant solution because Charles V is Ferdinand’s grandchild so you could argue that he would inherit the place sooner or later anyway, but Ferdinand figured that he could still produce a male heir if he would remarry quick after his wife’s death. Ferdinand would not be happy at all, but Philip was oblivious about this and decided to visit his sister Margaret of Austria and his brother-in-law Philibert II in the duchy of Savoy after these “successful” negotiations with Louis XII.


Margaret of Austria I

Margaret of Austria ca 1500

duchy of savoy

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