Philip the Handsome visits his sister

Dear readers, I’m sorry it took so long to get back at you, but I’ve been working all weekends at open-air museum Gamla Linköping .

After the “succesful” Naples negotiations Philip traveled to the Duchy of Savoy to visit his sister Margaret of Austria and her husband Philibert II. The last time Philip had seen his sister was when she married Philibert II in 1501.


Margaret of Austria 31

Margaret of Austria

But both men become sick and get fever and Philip decides to return to his friend the French king Louis XII in Lyon.

Louis XII doctors did everything they could to make Philip’s better, for a while they even fear for his life, but they eventually manage to restore his health. Louis XII clearly took great care of Philip. But while Philip was still recovering in Lyon there came a letter from Ferdinand stating that he would NOT stop fighting the French at Naples. Philips is surprised and asks him to honor the peace agreement he earlier signed with Louis XII in Ferdinand’s name, but Ferdinand refused. The Spanish had managed to defeat the French in the Battle of Cerignola on the 28th of April and so there was no reason for Ferdinand to honor the agreement he had with Louis XII.

It was actually impressive that the Spanish won because they were outnumbered by the French, but they were not outgunned. Their 1000 arquebusiers played a key-role in defeating the French cavalry. It is said that the Battle of Cerignola is the first battle won by gunpowder firearms.

battle of cerignola 5

Spanish arquebusiers

battle of cerignola 1

Great Captain Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba finds the corpse of Louis d’Armagnac. by Federico de Madrazo, 1835. Museum del Prado.

battle of cerignola 2battle of cerignola 6

All this was of course really embarrassing for Philip and he had a lot to explain to Louis XII who had taken so good care of him. Ferdinand sent two diplomats that would take over the negotiations of Naples. They were arguing that Louis XII that Louis XII zeal was on the document but that he hadn’t signed it properly and according to them that meant that the agreement was null and void. When Philip was hearing all that he got physically ill and had to be carried outside the negotiation room to rest. He has a lot to explain to Louis XII. Louis XII realized that Philip has been naive, but honest.

Philip the handsome 9

Philip the Handsome

Louis XII kicked out the diplomats and raised another army to fight Spain again. Philip’s recovery was slow but as soon as he felt strong enough he left Lyon to go back again to Savoy.

The 2nd of July he was finally strong enough to continue his trip from Savoy to visit his father in Innsbruck.

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7 thoughts on “Philip the Handsome visits his sister

  1. Good information, Hilde van den Bergh. Just fix the title to say “Philip the Handsome”, (not Hansome). As soon as you fix title, I will share on FB. Your work should be discovered.


  2. My dear Hilde, you know what Ferdinand was doing, do you not but wedding first his daughter, the Infanta Isabella of Castile and Aragon to Alonzo of Portugal and then when he died, eight years after his death to Emmanuel of Portugal and then when the Infanta Isabella died, Emmanuel of Portugal wed to Maria of Aragon as we have discussed. Then Ferdinand and Isabella doing the double wedding of his son, the Infante Juan of Austrias to Margaret of Flanders and their daughter, Juana to Philip of Flanders. Ferdinand and Isabella wanted to circle France with her enemies. This also including the marriage of the Infanta Catalina to Prince Arthur of Wales. If Queen Isabella of Portugal had not died, they would have wed Maria of Aragon to James the Fourth of Scotland. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand hated France and all its kings, Charles the Eight and Louis Xll and Philip of Flanders was playing a very, very dangerous game in being friends with Louis the Tweltfh. I did not know that that horrible man had spent so much time in France. Of coarse, King Louis would go out of his way to make sure that Philip of Flanders did not die but he should not been in France.


    • I agree with you. He must have made both his parents-in-law and his own father very nervous (his own father was fighting the French as well), but it makes sense since the Dutch and the Flemish, wanted good relations with France and that was where Philip’s power-base was. He grew up there and he needed their support, because he wasn’t a strong leader. He should have cared for Spain and Italy as well, because his children were the most likely heirs for those lands, but it appears that he didn’t.


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