Philip the Handsome and the White King

It was father day in my home country Holland so it feels very appropriate to write about Philips visit to his father in Austria :).

Philip the Handsome visited his father, Maximilian I aka “the white king”, in Innsbruck after his  visit to his sister Margaret of Austria in Savoy.

Philip the handsome 10

The 8th of September he meets his father in Innsbruck, Austria. They were both on horses and they hugged each other while on the horses, because his father said he wouldn’t ask of his son to come of his horse. It is quite possible that the real reason was that he didn’t want to show his son that his health has been worse since he had fallen of a horse in 1501.

maximilian I 11

The reason for this rare father-son meeting was most likely that Philip wanted to know if his father still supported him after the fiasco of the failed Naples-negotiations in France. It must have been quite important to him if he was willing to travel more than 8 weeks to see him in person.

maximilian I 13

Maximilian 14

Maximilian I escorted his son to his Royal Court in Innsbruck.

Maximilian I 12

In Innsbruck they were welcomed with festivities and even his stepmother Maria Bianca Sforza was there to welcome him. They probably had a banquet too.  Because it was a wednesday it would be a fasting, but there will still ways to have a lavish meal while obeying to the rules of the Catholic church. No meat, dairy, or animal fats were to be consumed. So cooks had to be creative while working within these restrictions: almond milk sounds like a hipster thing,  but it was widely used on fast days instead of cow’s milk and they even had cheese made out of almond milk.

Blogger Sara writes what type of menu they might enjoy on a day like that:

  • Almond puree with dumplings
  • Fresh fish, boiled
  • Cabbage with fried trout
  • Crayfish cooked in wine, then pureed and sprinkled with cloves
  • Figs cooked in wine with whole almonds
  • Rice pudding made with almond milk and decorated with whole almonds
  • Trout boiled in wine
  • Crayfish cooked in wine
  • Shortbread with grapes covered with dough, and sprinkled with icing sugar
  • Various kinds of pears, apples, and nuts

Sounds like quite a meal to me! Sara also mentions that Maximilian liked good wines but also fruits: apples ears, cherries, peaches and grapes. He also had his fruitier special-order southern fruit like melons, oranges, and figs. Those types of fruit would be very expensive though because they had to come from far away. Oranges came from China for example and figs came from Greece. But hey if you are the King of the Romans that is not going to stop you!

Maximilian I 14

After visiting his father Philip FINALLY decided to go to his children in Flanders.

Gute Nacht meine Freunde, Hilde






4 thoughts on “Philip the Handsome and the White King

  1. Hilde, you know that Philip of Flanders hated Juana of Castile, so why would he rush to see her or any of their children? It was a grand day that day in 1506 when he died. It only sad thing about that death was that Juana of Castile did not take advantage of it. She let it all go, poor, poor woman. She, who was so bright and intelligent, would have been the Queen Castile needed at that time, not Ferdinand or Charles. That has always bothered me to no end. Ferdinand did not love Castile but only Aragon and then he wed with that stupid woman, Germaine di Foxe who hated Juana of Castile because she had been a mistress to Philip of Flanders and she was probably a mistress to Juana’ s son, Charles who made her Vice Regent of Valencia, after Ferdinand died. Germaine di Foxe was the last Queen of an independent Aragon, I am so glad she did not give Ferdinand a son. That pleased me to no end that technically anyway, Juana was Queen of Aragon. And when Charles took over as co-regent with Juana, he did not spend a lot of time in Castile. The longest he spent in Castile was seven years, between 1521 and 1529, it may have only been between 1521 and 1528. Castile needed Juana for Juana was always there.


    • you’re right I do feel sorry for Juana as well, because it seems like everyone betrays her, her parents, her husband and eventually even her kids. Philip did work hard to get her back to Flanders though, although the motive was most likely egoistic like you said. And yeah good thing that Ferdinand’s plan didn’t work. Juana should be the queen and it was wrong of Philip, Ferdinand and Charles to try to take her power.


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