Philip the Handsome back in Town

After his long trip from Spain, where he left his pregnant wife Juana. to France where he Negotiated Naples, to his sister Margaret and a second trip to France because he fell ill AND a trip to his father in Innsbruck Philip finally returned to Flanders in November 1503.

He traveled through Germany from Tirol to Bayern to the cities of Aachen, Maastricht (in what is now the Netherlands) and eventually to Sint-Truiden and Leuven (Louvain) in Flanders. Everywhere he went they welcomed him in style and gave him gifts and many of those were war-related.

Leuven 1

Map of Leuven in medieval times

He planned to arrive to Mechelen on 9 November 1503, but the weather ruined all the planned activities. It was hailing so much that Philips was completely soaked and all the bonfires were ruined too so they had to postpone the festivities until the next day.

Soon after Philip the Handsome was back in Flanders, his stepmother, Margaret of York, the woman whom had taken care of his children Eleonore of Austria  Charles V and Isabella of Austria in his absence, died on 23 November 1503.

charles V 3

Eleonore of Austria, Charles V and Isabella of Austria

Philip immediately wrote to Joanna in Spain that he has finally arrived in Flanders and how much he missed her. He wanted her to come back to Flanders as soon as possible.

joan the mad 46

Joan the mad 44

Joanna had been apathetic until than, being very quiet and just staring in the distance up till then but when the letter came Joanna was  very determined to leave Medina del Campo  when she read his letter.

Joan the mad 45

This portrait of Joanna was done in Flanders, ca 1500: it is a detail from the wings of the Last Judgement Triptych of Zierikzee, by the Master of Afflighem (Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium)

He had even wrote letters in name of their 4 year old son Charles V

philip the handsome 15

She was so desperate to leave that she tried to escape in the middle of the night only half-clad but the guards stop her and she threw herself at the iron bars of the gate that stopped her. She was aggressive to the guards and she even threatened the bishop that she would have him tortured or killed and she used foul language to them and to her mother.  Her mother had to give in and promise that Joanna would be able to travel to Philip in the spring. She was simply to out of control to keep her in Spain any longer.

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