Joanna finally free to leave :)

Hi every-one!

I finally got a break from working at Gamla Linköping so I thought I would finally write about how Joanna finally left Medina del Campo when she got so out of control that her mom had to promise to let her go in the spring. It was a very rough winter for her being seperated from her husband and children in Flanders but the 1 of March 1504 she could finally leave Medina del Campo. She left her son Ferdinand in Spain though even though he wasn’t even a year old yet.

Joanna was very happy to leave Spain.

joan the mad 48

She left Spain with a small party and took the boat to Flanders on 1 March 1503.

Joan the mad 34

The trip went well this time and she arrived safely in Flanders where Philips triumphantly awaited her arrival. Joanna was no longer under the control of his parents-in-law. Both were apparently happy to see each other after having been apart for 1,5 years (!).

joan the mad 47

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t stay so harmonious between them.

fijne avond, allemaal! Hilde


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