Running with scissors

Joanna was very happy to be back home and see Philip and her children after she was apart from them for over 1,5 year. Soon the problems between Philip and Joanna started again though. Philip had taken a mistress in his wife absence and Joanna was furious. She was so furious she actually attacked the girl with a pair of scissors.

joan the mad 51

Philip in return was angry that she had attacked his mistress and punished her instead of trying to work things out with her. For the first time he tries to really humiliate her by publicly going against her. This adds to Joanna’s anxiety and she gets depressed again. She refuses to eat as well. Philip refuses to share rooms with her and retreats to the room next to hers. Joanna slams her fists on the wall all night long crying out to Philip and his girlfriend that she beliefs is with him. Everyone is talking about them especially in Holland and Flanders, but even in Spain. Joanna’s parents are of course worried what will become of Joanna once her mother dies. Than Joanna will have to step up and act like a monarch with all the responsibilities that entails. Philip is playing with fire now. He may be able to dominate Joanna now that she is in Flanders, but he will need her help in the future if he wants to become the king of Spain.

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3 thoughts on “Running with scissors

  1. This is the one thing that I do not like about Juana of Castile. Henry the Eight, husband to her sister, Catherine of Aragon had mistresses and Catherine of Aragon did not behave thus and she loved Henry the Eight. Actually, I do not believe Juana of Castile really loved Philip of Flanders, not really. I believe she was in lust with him as he was with her. It was all about sex between the two of them. This is how Philip of Flanders dominated Juana of Castile through sex. I heard that by this time, Juana of Castile had no ladies in waiting attending upon her but two women and a laundress. One was Beatrix and another was a friend of Beatrix. This was because she did not wish any ladies in waiting, that Philip of Flanders was furious with her that she did not have more ladies in waiting but she was heiress to Castile’s throne and as such, she needed Castilian ladies as well as Flemish. Philip of Flanders did not want or care if she had Castilian ladies but he wanted her to have Flemish ones. She was not stupid. She did not want Flemish ladies because they would spy on her and report to him and the Castilian ladies needed to be paid and Philip of Flanders would not pay them. Beatrix and this other Castilian lady loved Juana of Castile so much that they worked as ladies in waiting for free, with both ladies’ families in Castile sending them money and this is how Isabella of Castile found about the treatment Spanish ladies in waiting were recieving at the Flemish Court. To Isabella of Castile, it was unthinkable that the two ladies in waiting’s families should take care of them when they were waiting on her daughter, the Archduchess of Flanders. They should have been paid by Philip of Flanders.


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