Lady of Mourning Margaret of Austria

Just when it seemed Margaret of Austria was going to get  her happy ending it all went wrong. Things had looked quite good so far. Margaret and Philibert II hadn’t got any children yet, but they were still young enough to make that happen (24).

I don’t know exactly what happened with Philibert II. He fell ill at the same time as Philip the Handsome fell ill. Philip the Handsome recovered (slowly) after over 2 months thanks to the excellent care of Louis XII. Philibert II died september 10 1504. The description of  his death is curious:  “It was sad, because it all went so quick. After coming home from a hunt being very hot he took a sip of cold water which shortened his life. It separated his body from his soul.

Her court historian and poet Jean Lemaire de Belges called Margaret the Lady of Mourning after that. He wrote a poem about her green parrot that was later used in the tomb of Margaret and Philibert II.

Within this tomb, which is a harsh, locked cell,
Lies the green lover, the very worthy slave
Whose noble heart, drunk with true, pure love,
Losing its lady, cannot bear to live.

It just seems so sad for Margaret who had finally found a decent guy after all the trouble so went through with her first fiance and her first husband. She had been working hard to get Savoy in good shape which was important because it was surrounded by others that all wanted a piece of it, but since she was a skilled politicians with very good connections people left Savoy alone. But she couldn’t rule after her husband and so she had to leave. His younger half-brother Charles III took over as the next duke of Savoy.

charles III

Charles III the good

Margaret dressed like a widow for the rest of her life and never remarried.

margaret of austria 33margaret of austria 34margaret of austria 35


Margaret planned to build a church in Brou where she could bury her husband. It took time because a lot of things would happen in the family just after.

fijne avond vrienden, Hilde



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