death of a queen

Isabella officially withdrew from governmental affairs on 14 September 1504 and she died that same year on 26 November in Medina del Campo, but it is said that she had truly been in decline since  her son death in 1497.


Queen Isabella’s Will by Eduardo Rosales On the left Juana and Ferdinand on the right Cardinal Cisneros. (In reality Juana was in Flanders when her mom passed away).

She is entombed at Grenada the same place her 2-year old grandson Miguel de Paz was buried.

Miguel de Paz

Royal Chapel in Granada.

Her crown and scepter are hold in a museum next to the Royal chapel.


Juana should become the next queen without any discussion but both her dad and her husband wanted to rule instead claiming that Juana was too “unstable” to be queen.

Her father tried to become the ruler instead but the nobility of Castile did not accept this so Joanna was declared the new queen. Her dad sent a special delegate to Flanders to inform her of her mothers death and will. Philips sent a very polite letter back with their condolences and an explanation as to why they cannot possible come to Spain straight away. There have been struggles over land in the Netherlands so they have to be around.

both men tried to assert their rights to Castile in the next year.

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