Mary of Austria was born

Joanna gave birth to her fifth child, Mary of Austria on between ten and eleven in the morning on  15 September 1505 in Brussels. Joanna wasn’t treated so well during her pregnancy, but she had furiously fought to get better treatment. She had to take on Philip and the head of the court, Charles of Croy. A witness described her fighting with Charles of Croy : “She was furious, she shouted complaints, curses and threats at him and even attacked him physically”.

Joanna had a rough time giving birth this time; her life was in danger and it took her a month to recover. On 20 September 1505 her daughter was baptized Mary of Austria after her maternal grandmother Mary of Burgundy. Emperor Maximilian was present at his grand-daughter’s christening.

Joanna worked hard to regain her reputation and in Spain they started to doubt Philip’s stories about Joanna’s supposed insanity. The pope decided to interfere and accused Ferdinand of unlawfully working against the legitimate heirs to throne of Spain. The French king and the Castilian nobility agreed and tensions rose high in Castile. Ferdinand needed a new plan to seize the power.  What he needs is a male heir. Joanna would not be the next queen in line if she would get a half-brother.

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    • I think you’re right but I preferred Margaret’s way of doing things. Maybe because I’m Dutch and feel like she could have tried to rule in a more gentle way like her aunt. But she was no doubt intelligent.


    • Well yeah she was born in Brussels and grew up with her aunt Margaret in Mechelen which is also in Flanders but at best that means that she somewhat understood the people from the province she was in but the Dutch (more North) were known to be “troublemakers” and Philip the Handsome had had trouble with nobility in the Netherlands before. Problems with the Dutch nobility was actually one of the reasons he had a hard time going to Spain to assert his right as the king. Besides already in 1514 to marry Louis and she was moved to Innsbruck (Austria) where she was educated untill 1521. After that she started to live in Hungary. Only in 1531 did she accept the position as a governor for the Netherlands and she has written to Ferdinand about how much she hated it. She wrote that it was like having a rope around a neck and that was only after 4 months. So the majority of her life she lived outside of Flanders. Maybe it would have been different if she had had the opportunity to grow up with her dad who at least grew up in Flanders, but she grew up with Margaret whom up till then had lived mainly in France, Spain and Savoy.

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  1. Her father died in 1506. She was born in 1505. She was only a year old when her father died. How in God’s name could she have grown up with her father?


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