Moving times

Dear everyone,

I know it’s been aaaaaaages ago I posted something so I feel like it’s time to explain at least some of my reasons for posting less than I usually do.

My partner Martin and I have bought an apartment and we are moving in less than 3 weeks and I’ve been crazy busy with packing and buying and selling stuff which means the house is a mess for the time being.

We also went on vacation to Paris last week and it was amazing. I’m still sorting out the pictures but I did run into a painting of Philip the Handsome at the Louvre :)).




He was hanging right next to   Margaret of York.


I was lucky our trip went very well and we had no surprises or delays, but I have started to read more about the journey Philip and Joanna took to get to Spain to meet up with Ferdinand II to sort out who should reign after the death of Joanna’s mom Isabella I of Castile

I can’t wait until I’ll have some more time in the future to tell you all about the trip they made and how it went for them once they got to Spain. I’ll let you all know how it goes with our new home as well of course :).

Bonsoir mes amis, Hilde



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