Good tidings

Dear Everyone!

It has been a loooooooong time since I wrote because of the moving but the home is finally looking more put together and I got a desk for my laptop to write on :).

We are now over at my mother-in-law so I took the time and sneak off to read some more about Philip and Joanna. I discovered just how much stuff we have at home and I have started to declutter at home, but it is nothing compared to all the stuff they we’re taking with them on their travels!

Ferdinand II of Aragon insisted that Philip and Joanna should come to Spain if they want to keep the control over Castile. Philip doesn’t like the idea at all but there isn’t much he can do about it so he picks people that can rule Flanders in his absence, goes to Middelburg with his entire court to meet with the order of the Golden Fleece on 17 december 1505 and after that it’s time to travel to Spain with the Spanish fleet that Ferdinand sent to pick him, Joanna his staff and all the stuff they travel with up.


This trip must have been especially hard on Joanna who only a few months ago gave birth to her fifth child,  Mary of Austria after which she needed a month to recover. She must have missed her and her other children much as well. I can’t imagine traveling so much and being away from my children at that age, but I guess royals didn’t always have a choice in those days.

But at least they got to travel in style. You’d think that a fleet should be enough for this but Philip adds 50(!) Dutch ships to the fleet that Ferdinand sent to them. They starts their trip on 10 January 1506, but its not going well for them. First there is a fire in the royal ship and the crew initially thought that they wouldn’t survive it but they managed to extinguish the fire. After that there is a storm which causes them to turn to the harbor of Hampton in England. This was a real struggle for them: most ships made it to the harbor, but their ships were severely damaged and three ships were lost with their entire cargo.


The good news was that Philip and Joanna were safe and the king of England Henrik VII welcomed them with open arms, but this would come with a prize. I’d like to think that Joanna was at least happy to see her sister Catherine of Aragon  back. Catherine in her turn was in an awkward position herself, living at the English court according to her fathers wishes after the death of her husband not knowing whether or not her late husband’s younger brother, the future king of England, would marry her. When Philip and Joanna showed up the matter was still undecided, because the prince was too young to get married.

I’m gonna try and write some more later but I already want to wish you all a merry christmas!










One thought on “Good tidings

  1. Was not Juana of Castile angry with Philip for making an alliance with Henrik the Seventh that would be that their daughter, Eleanor of Castile should wed with Henrik the Eight of England or rather Prince Henrik? Plus this is also when Mary Tudor, the sister of Henrik the Eight became engaged to Juana’s Charles.


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