little baby = big change!

Dear readers,

you may have wondered where I went and why I stopped writing post. The thing is I have been incredibly busy the last couple of months.  We moved to a new home and I was pregnant and on 29th of april I finally delivered a healthy baby girl that was 3,450 gram and 50cm long. We named her Mathilda a play on her fathers  name (Martin) and my name (Hilde).

Mathilda 9



Mathilda 12

Mathilda 52

Mathilda 32

Mathilda 71

Mathilda 68

I will eventually start posting again. I’ve already started to read again about my favorite women in history and it will be fun to see how becoming a mom  influences my view on them :).

sov gott vänner,  Hilde

5 thoughts on “little baby = big change!

  1. Such a sweet baby. I am sure you must be very happy. I hope you are getting your sleep. That is the secret to living a long life. Getting plenty of sleep.


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