Monet – sunny buildings

Monet did a similar series of this church in Rouen as he did with his series of haystacks. He painted paintings of it with different lighting, weather and during different seasons. He painted more than 30 of this subject.

Monet also did a series on the Palace of Westminster, in London.

monet 3monet 5

He also did a series of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice.

monet 4monet 20 Monet 106 Monet 108

Even though the paintings are the same building and even painted from the same angle by the same artist the paintings are quite different from eachother. It clearly shows how different lighting can change a painting dramatically.

Vincent 67

Monet painted these houses in Zaandam, Holland.

and this Church in Bennecourt in 1885:

Monet 149

Monet isnt as known for painting buildings as he is for waterlilies, haystacks and water but he was still pretty good at it :).

monet 18

This painting l’escalier is also a famous paintig by him. He was most likely most interesting in how the light fell on the stairs as the title suggest.

monet 36 Here he painted a street in Paris.

Monet’s paintings of buildings are a perfect example of how he made his paintings look so effortless even though it’s really hard to create such beautiful paintings.

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